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AirportTable Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef rowdata_type::iterator iterator
typedef std::vector< const
apt_dat_t * > 
enum  TableContext {

Public Member Functions

void add (Fl_Widget &w)
void add (Fl_Widget *w)
 AirportTable (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
Fl_Widget *const array ()
void begin ()
void browser_cb ()
int callback_col ()
TableContext callback_context ()
int callback_row ()
void cell_cb ()
Fl_Widget * child (int n) const
int children () const
void clear ()
int col_header ()
void col_header (int flag)
void col_header_cb (int col)
void col_header_color (Fl_Color val)
Fl_Color col_header_color ()
void col_header_height (int height)
int col_header_height ()
void col_position (int col)
int col_position ()
int col_resize ()
void col_resize (int flag)
int col_resize_min ()
void col_resize_min (int val)
void col_width (int col, int width)
int col_width (int col)
void col_width_all (int width)
virtual void cols (int val)
int cols ()
void do_callback (TableContext context, int row, int col)
void draw (void)
void end ()
int find (const Fl_Widget *w) const
int find (const Fl_Widget &w) const
const apt_dat_tget_selected () const
void init_sizes ()
void insert (Fl_Widget &w, int n)
void insert (Fl_Widget &w, Fl_Widget *w2)
int is_interactive_resize ()
void remove (Fl_Widget &w)
void resize (int X, int Y, int W, int H)
void row_header (int flag)
int row_header ()
void row_header_color (Fl_Color val)
Fl_Color row_header_color ()
void row_header_width (int width)
int row_header_width ()
void row_height (int row, int height)
int row_height (int row)
void row_height_all (int height)
void row_position (int row)
int row_position ()
int row_resize ()
void row_resize (int flag)
void row_resize_min (int val)
int row_resize_min ()
int row_selected (int row)
void rows (int val)
int rows ()
void select_all_rows (int flag=1)
const apt_dat_tselect_id (const char *id)
const apt_dat_tselect_name (const char *name)
int select_row (int row, int flag=1)
void set_airports (const rowdata_type &apts)
void table_box (Fl_Boxtype val)
Fl_Boxtype table_box (void)
int top_row ()
void top_row (int row)
void visible_cells (int &r1, int &r2, int &c1, int &c2)

Protected Types

enum  ResizeFlag {

Protected Member Functions

void change_cursor (Fl_Cursor newcursor)
long col_scroll_position (int col)
TableContext cursor2rowcol (int &R, int &C, ResizeFlag &resizeflag)
void draw_cell (TableContext context, int R=0, int C=0, int X=0, int Y=0, int W=0, int H=0)
int find_cell (TableContext context, int R, int C, int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H)
void get_bounds (TableContext context, int &X, int &Y, int &W, int &H)
int handle (int event)
int is_fltk_container ()
void recalc_dimensions ()
void redraw_range (int toprow, int botrow, int leftcol, int rightcol)
int row_col_clamp (TableContext context, int &R, int &C)
long row_scroll_position (int row)
void sort_column (int col, bool reverse=false)
void table_resized ()
void table_scrolled ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void scroll_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)

Protected Attributes

int botrow
Fl_Scrollbar * hscrollbar
int leftcol
int leftcol_scrollpos
int rightcol
Fl_Scroll * table
int table_h
int table_w
int tih
int tiw
int tix
int tiy
int toh
int toprow
int toprow_scrollpos
int tow
int tox
int toy
Fl_Scrollbar * vscrollbar
int wih
int wiw
int wix
int wiy

Private Attributes

rowdata_type rowdata_
int selected_
int sort_lastcol_
bool sort_reverse_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file AirportTable.h.

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