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AirportBrowser Class Reference

#include <AirportBrowser.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AirportBrowser (int X, int Y, int W, int H, const char *l=0)
Fl_Color col_header_color () const
void col_header_color (Fl_Color)
void col_header_font (Fl_Font)
Fl_Font col_header_font () const
uchar col_header_fontsize () const
void col_header_fontsize (uchar)
const apt_dat_tfind (const std::string &id) const
std::string get_selected_id () const
std::string get_selected_name () const
std::string get_selected_parking () const
std::string get_selected_runway () const
int handle (int e)
void load_airports (const std::vector< std::string > &dirs, const SGPath &cache, Fl_Callback *cb=0, void *v=0)
void load_runways (const std::string &, Fl_Callback *cb=0, void *v=0)
bool loaded () const
void select_id (const std::string &id)
void select_parking (const std::string &id)
void select_rwy (const std::string &id)
int selection () const
void set_refresh_callback (Fl_Callback *cbp, void *v)
void show_installed (bool refresh=false)

Protected Member Functions

void draw ()

Private Member Functions

void airports_idle_proc ()
void browser_cb ()
void cb_parking (Fl_Widget *o)
void cb_runways (Fl_Widget *o)
void id_cb ()
void load_parking (const SGPath &path, apt_dat_t &data)
void name_cb ()
void refresh_cb ()
void runways_idle_proc ()
void show_parking (const apt_dat_t *apt)
void show_runways (const apt_dat_t *apt)

Static Private Member Functions

static void airports_idle_proc (void *)
static void browser_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)
static void cb_parking_ (Fl_Widget *o, void *v)
static void cb_runways_ (Fl_Widget *o, void *v)
static void col_header_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)
static void id_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)
static void name_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)
static void refresh_cb (Fl_Widget *, void *)
static void runways_idle_proc (void *)

Private Attributes

std::vector< apt_dat_tairports_
std::map< std::string,
std::vector< std::string > > 
SGPath airports_cache_
std::deque< std::string > airports_dirs
bool airports_loaded_
Fl_Callback * airports_loaded_cb_
void * airports_loaded_cb_data_
SGPath fg_root_
gzFile gzf_
Fl_Input * id_
std::set< std::string > installed_airports_
std::set< std::string > installed_dirs_
Fl_Input * name_
Fl_Hold_Browser * parking_
Fl_Button * refresh_
Fl_Callback * refresh_cb_
void * refresh_cb_data_
Fl_Hold_Browser * runways_
bool runways_loaded_
Fl_Callback * runways_loaded_cb_
void * runways_loaded_cb_data_

Detailed Description

An airport and runway browser. Runway data is read from FlightGear's apt.dat.gz file. Airports are located by searching the scenery directory.

Definition at line 49 of file AirportBrowser.h.

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